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In this day and age when there are no credit check versions of everything everywhere – no credit check loans, no credit check credit cards, etc. – it’s quite easy to believe that there are also no credit check mobile phones available.


Many websites out there promise consumers that they are able to grant anyone a mobile phone contract without the hassle of credit checks. We will tell you why you should be wary of these sites.

First of all, credit checks are always performed whenever you’re on the market shopping for loans, credit cards, mortgage, even just applying for utilities or a mobile contract. This is a step that cannot be skipped because providers want to ascertain that you’ll be able to make your payments to them in the future.

So why are these no credit check companies everywhere? Simple, because consumers take the bait. It is not unknown that there’s a huge number of people suffering from bad credit ratings. Because they cannot traditionally qualify for a loan or a contract elsewhere, the only ‘sound’ alternative may be the no credit check companies.

If they sound too good to be true, it is because they actually are. Do you think they specialise in offering services to bad credit individuals simply because of good will? Of course, they will be the ones to benefit from the deal the most. These companies mean to use your bad credit rating and turn it against you. It’s bad enough that you can’t be granted credit everywhere else, but it’s even worse to fall victim to outrageous interest rates simply because you do not have a choice.


I personally believe that if you’re looking for no credit check mobile phones because you have unfixed issues with your credit score, please think long and hard. If you have or have had bad credit, chances are you are not in the best financial situation right now. Committing yourself to another expensive, long-term agreement is like suicide. The best thing to do right now is work hard on rebuilding your damaged credit score, and then finally be able to get a mobile contract because you earned it.